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Internal MOSFET

SM6324D has high power factor with an integrated primary-side power MOSFET constant current LED driver solution. It integrated single-stage active power factor correction circuit, especially suitable for 85VAC ~ 265VAC full voltage range for high-performance input isolated LED lighting systems.

SM6324D has integrated single-stage active power factor correction circuit, input current total harmonic system can achieve high power factor and low distortion. SM6324D works in quasi-resonant switch-mode power MOSFET in zero current state conduction. This effectively reduces the switching losses of the power MOSFET, to improve the efficiency of the system, but also to improve the EMI characteristics of the system.

SM6324D has primary side feedback control mode, the primary side feedback information which can achieve high-precision LED constant current output. Meanwhile, SM6324D integrated 650V power MOSFET, which streamlines the number of external components, saving cost and size of the system and simplifying the design of LED lighting systems. SM6324D integrated line voltage and load compensation, the system has excellent line and load regulation voltage.

SM6324D has wide operating voltage range for 85VAC ~ 265VAC full voltage range of the AC input. Meanwhile SM6324D integrates several protection features to ensure system stability and reliability. Including VCC supply voltage protection, LED open circuit, short circuit protection, over temperature protection and transformer primary winding by-cycle current limit and so on.

Key Features

  • Integrated 650V power MOSFET
  • Built-in active PFC function single-stage
  • Low input current total harmonic distortion
  • PSR constant current control, without secondary feedback circuitry
  • Quasi-resonant switching mode, switching loss
  • ± 3% LED output current accuracy
  • Excellent line voltage regulation and load regulation
  • Ultra-low start-up current
  • LED output open-circuit protection
  • LED output short circuit protection
  • VCC supply voltage protection
  • CS-by-cycle current limit
  • Auto-restart function
  • Over temperature protection
  • Use DIP8L package


  • GU10 LED Spotlight
  • E17 / E27 LED candle light
  • LED Streetlight
  • Other LED Lighting

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