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Non Isolated | Internal MOSFET

SM5910 is a highly-integrated, single stage power factor correction, low start-up current, Quasi resonant mode, integrated Power MOSFET controller. These functions enable the LED driver to easily meet constant current accuracy of <3%, low current THD and high power factor requirements. SM5910 integrate 600V power MOSFET with low RDSON. It works without secondary feedback circuitry or compensation circuitry.

Our proprietary closed-loop feedback constant current technology helps in achieving precision constant current control under a small number of peripheral devices and loosen parameter conditions. The integrated functions also include the LED short protection, over voltage protection, over load protection.

The COMP pin controls the duty by connected an RC compensation network to ground and forming the closed loop feedback control.

SM5910 improves the performance and reduces the system cost of LED driver. It is a 7 pin, SOP-7L package.

Key Features

  • Quasi Resonant switching mode
  • Internal 600V MOSFET
  • >3% Output Current accuracy
  • CS resistor open circuit protection
  • Over-voltage & Under-voltage protection
  • Auto restart function
  • Low cost BOM
  • SOP 7L Package


  • Tubelight
  • PAR lamp
  • Bulb

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